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Water Treatment Equipment

    1. UV Water CleanThis UV water clean clean drinking water, waste water, swimming pools and spas, and irrigation water as well as water in cooling towers and RO systems and water used in the electronics industry, effectively improving living and drinking water in public and residential places.
    1. Biological FilterThe biological filter for aquaculture is a multi-chamber filter specially designed for large aquaculture systems and aquariums to treat waste water, to store fish during transportation, and to keep water circulating within the system.
    1. Drum FilterThe drum filter for fish farms is made of the housing, rollers, back washing system, and electric control system. With a capacity of 20-100M3/H (or higher), the fish farm filter uses non-toxic, corrosion-resistant plastic and 200 (80 microns) stainless steel mesh to separate and remove suspended solids.
    1. Protein SkimmerThese protein skimmers for freshwater and seawater hatcheries is engineered from PP plastic and is energy efficient. Used to increase oxygen absorption and remove proteins, bait, and other solids, the hatchery skimmer has a long service life, two-way water streaming design, and PDO air intake device which improves effectiveness.
    1. Ozone Monitor The ozone monitor calculates the ozone concentration in the measuring chamber as well as the amount of ozone generated by air purifiers. The monitor checks single and double light sources, is highly accurate, and can operate continuously.
    1. Venturi Injector and Mixing PumpThe Venturi Injector is used with an ozone generator for water treatment. It is made of anti-ozone PVDF material and is connected to your existing filtration system where it injects ozone into a vacuum to mix into the water flow.