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Water Ozonator

High concentration ozone dissolved water machine for aquaculture

The CH-WCZ-2 water ozonator produces ozone water at 1800-2400 liters per hour, and the water ozone machine controls output of dissolved water with concentrations from 4mg/l to 15mg/l.

Made with stainless steel, the water purifier is a mixing device with sensors that detect when the machine is running on low water. Multiple alert systems warn users of certain ozone levels for use in food, pharmaceutical and electronics production facilities. The water ozonator is used to clean waste water, drinking water, and swimming pools and can be used in spas, water treatment facilities, hospitals, hotels, and other public places.

1. Stainless steel casing, pipes, and pipe fittings
2. Built-in air dryer and PSA high purity oxygen concentrator
3. Ozone generator tube with high frequency electric board
4. Efficient ozone mixing system
5. Movable with wheels
6. Return equipment prevents water from entering back into the ozonator
7. Easy to operate
8. Customizable

Control panel
Amp meter, voltmeter, timer, emergency stop, working light, power light, alarm, working light, start light, stop light

  • Control panel
  • Heat dissipation and dust-proof design
  • Fixed or mobile options
High pure ceramic ozone tube Long service life, high ozone concentration, low temperature rise, continuous operation
High frequency and high pressure ozone power board Adjustable frequency, adjustable width and audible alarms. Power board will not be damaged if circuit breaks or short circuits
Oil free air compressor Clean air source
Air dryer Clean and dry air source
PSA high pure oxygen sieve Oxygen purity: 93%
Stainless steel high efficiency gas liquid mixing pump The pump sucks liquid and air, then mix them. The micro air bubbles effectively dissolve gas-liquid
Stainless steel high efficiency static mixer Improves dissolved effect
Stainless steel anti-water return equipment Prevents water from reentering the machine
Water level sensors Prevents the equipment from running without water or on too little water
Alarm device Alerts warn users of equipment error
Item Unit Model
Working voltage V/HZ 220V/50/60HZ
Operating power W 1800W
Dissolved ozone concentration in water PPM 4-15
Rated water flow L/hr 1800~2400 Liter per hour
Ambient temperature 3-40 ℃
Ambient humidity % ≤70%
Mixing pressure Mpa 0.25-0.4Mpa
Water output pressure Mpa 0.05-0.2Mpa
Diameter of input water pipe inch 1"
Diameter of output water pipe inch 34"
Weight KG 113
Dimensions mm 750 ×450 ×1300mm