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Above 1kg/h Ozone Generator

The 1-1.5kg/h ozone generator is large oxygen generating machine used in industrial settings such as in tank generators and waste water treatment. With its large output of ozone concentration and long processing time, the ozone generator is fast and efficient at treating waste water and removing organic compounds and is often used in chemical, petroleum, papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical and other chemical industries. This waste water purifier can be customized.

1. Enamel tubing promotes safer conductivity than glass or ceramics.
2. Separated safety appliances ensure that a single discharge unit failure does not affect the operation of other units.
3. Discharge chamber: Stainless steel casing resists rust and corrosion and prevents cooling water from smelling.
4. High frequency power supply: Output frequency resolution of ± 0.1Ht and voltage precision ±1V. Overload protection such as automatic current-limiting and power-off protection protects against short circuits and too low or too high levels of water.
5. High voltage transformer: Special high frequency cables and stranded conductor provide safety.

Ozone system technical parameters:
CH-DY1.0 Ozone generator
Item CH-DY1.0 Ozone generator
Ozone output 1Kg / Hr
Input power Three- phases AC power source
Operating voltage 3-5KV
Working frequency 800-5000 Hz
Ozone power 8-10KW/h •KgO3
Ozone concentration 80-120mg/Hr
Intake gas flow 10-13M3/h •KgO3
Air source dew point ≤-45 ℃
Working gas pressure 0.05-0.16Mpa
Inlet air temperature ≤20 ℃
Cooling water temperature ≤30 ℃
Cooling water temperature Rise 4-6 ℃
Cooling water flow 1.7-2 M3/h •KgO3
No. Device Item Qty
1 Ozone generator (discharge chamber) and transformer CH-DY1.0 1 Set
2 Closed circulating water cooling line / 1 Set
3 Electrical control and control cabinet / 1 Set
4 Flow meter, valve, pipeline / 1 Set
5 Package, assemble / 1 Set
1.5KG Ozone generator

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