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Water Cooled Ozone Generator (External Oxygen Source)

10-50g/h Water Cooling Feed Outside Oxygen Source Ozone Generator

The water cooled ozone generator with an external oxygen source has an ozone concentration output of more than 100 mg/L. Made of plastic carbon steel which protects against various environmental conditions, the enamel ozone generator features a double water-cooling unit and can be used asaquaculture equipment, drinking water purifiers and algae removing equipment. Compatible with many external air flow sources.

1. SS housing / carbon steel sprayed with plastic housing
2. Connects with outside oxygen generator or oxygen tank
3. Built-in water cooling enamel ozone tube, high frequency electric board, and ozone concentration: 100Mg/L
4. Small in size, long service life, adjustable ozone range: 20%--100%
5. Safety features for over current, over voltage, and water level through warning system

Control panel
Ozone output adjuster, flow meter, pressure regulator, voltmeter, ampmeter, switch, emergency stop, working light, power light, alarm.

Item Unit CH-WZQ
10G 20G 30G 40G 50G
Oxygen flow rate LPM 1~3 2~7 3~10 5~10 8~18
Ozone concentration Mg/L 69~88 52~104 56~93 85~116 60~90
Ozone output G/Hr 5~12 12~22 16~33 34~51 43~64
Power W 220 250 400 510 1300
Fuse A 3 3 3 5 6
Cooling water flow rate LPM 30 48
Size mm 460 ×390 ×840
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