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Water Cooled Ozone Generator (Built-In Oxygen System)

CH-Y Series Water Cooling Complete Ozone Generator (40g~100g)

The water cooled ozone generator with a built-in oxygen system has an ozone concentration output of more than 100 mg/L. Made of plastic carbon steel which protects against various environmental conditions, the enamel ozone generator is used in aquaculture farming and waste water treatment.

1. Built-in oxygen system, carbon steel sprayed with plastic or SS housing
2. Built-in water cooling enamel ozone tube, high frequency electric board, ozone concentration: 100Mg/L
3. Adjustable ozone range: 20%--100%
4. Compact size, long service life, mobile on wheels
5. Use with over current, over voltage, water protection device, for ensuring ozone machine running safety

Control panel
Ozone output adjuster, voltmeter, ampmeter, timer, cooling water temperature indicator, ozone ampmeter, main switch, power supply switch, emergency stop, working light, power light, alarm

Water cooling enamel ozone tube with high ozone concentration, automatic operation and high frequency
  • Control panel
  • Outer covering with comprehensive heat dissipation design

  • Outer covering with comprehensive heat dissipation design
  • Internal components and wiring zone
Item Unit CH-Y40G CH-Y50G CH-Y100G
Oxygen flow rate LPM 5~15 8~18 16-32
Ozone concentration Mg/L 90~56 90~60 90~58
Ozone output G/Hr 27~50 43~64 86~111
Power Kw ≤1.62 ≤1.85 3.5
Fuse A 15 20 20
Cooling water flow LPM 48
Size mm 650 ×1030 ×1230 650 ×1030 ×1230

1. Above ozone capacity was tested under oxygen source.
2. Net weight may vary about 10% with a different plug.

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