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100-200mg/h Mini Ozone Generator

We offer two different models of the mini ozone generator, which is the size of your palm and can be used anywhere in homes, hotel rooms, cars, offices and other rooms. The ozone output is 100mg/hr and 200mg/hr. With low power consumption and low noise, the portable ozone generators have a long service life and effectively purify the air, removing smells, bacteria and more.

CH-100MG ozone machine

Ozone output :100mg/H
Anion ouput: 3*106 ions/cm3

1. Clean: destroys bacteria and viruses without secondary pollution in the air, on food, and on textiles.
2. Detoxification: removes residual pesticides from vegetables and fruits.
3. Deodorization: eliminates molds, smoke, and odors.
4. Purification: purifies air and water and increases oxygen levels.
5. Health: clean air and drinking water which can improve the respiratory cycle, sleep patterns, and skin care.

Details of CH-100MG ozone generator:
  • Made of imported anti-oxidant ABS plastic
  • Structure
Item Unit CH-100MG
Power W ≤9
Ozone output mg/Hr 100
Negative ion output pcs/cm3 318
Net weight Kg 1.2
Size mm 200×160×60
Packing carton 8PCS/CTN
CH-JY200MG ozone generator

Ozone production: 200mg/hr
Power input: DC12V
Power: 9.5W
Outlet diameter: φ6mm
Dimensions: L155 ×W120 ×H63mm
Fitting: Adapter

CH-JY200MG ozone generator