Removing Unpleasant Odors in Hotel Rooms

Our ozone machines effectively eliminate odors, which is particularly useful in public places and hotel rooms.

The ozone generator is also an ideal solution for mold removal and bacteria clean in hotels and KTVs. Most of the displeasing odor in hotel rooms is caused by bacteria and molds. Common deodorant can only remove smell by covering it up. But the displeasing odor will be produced repeatedly and finally will become more serious. Hotel cleaning company usually uses chemical fungicide for processing. This will leave chemical residues, and may cause long-term damage to the human body. Using high-quality ozone instantly kills bacteria and molds without chemical residues. It covers the whole hotel.

Case: Treating the L Hotel in ZhanJiang by removing formaldehyde and body odors

The hotel corridors at the L Hotel in ZhanJiang were treated with the removal of formaldehyde and construction odors. The area being treated was blocked off from customers and staff wore masks for safety precautions.

  • L Hotel in ZhanJiang
  • The hotel corridor
  • Using ozone machine for clean, removing smell and formaldehyde solution.
  • Before using, our technical personnel trained hotel staff in correct operation.
A professional ozone machine in working
  • When the ozone machine is working, the door must be closed and put up the sign of ozone treatment that we especially made for hotels
  • When the ozone machine is working, the hotel staff is consulting our technical personnel about the machine application skills
After ozone machine usage training, our technical personnel who is responsible for after-sales left the hotel
Case 2: processing the odor of rooms
  • Dong Fang Hotel
  • Comfortable five star hotels
  • Hotel room corridor
  • Room with unpleasant smell, can not be put into use, affect the performance
  • Before treatment, the room has disagreeable odor and has been long time without use. Even though treated with insecticide and with good air convection conditions, they are unable to remove the odor.
  • Ozone machine in use
  • Ozone machine in use
  • Ozone machine in process
  • Ozone machine in process
  • After processing, guest rooms can be used that same day
Case 3: odor treatment of KTV room
  • Hotel KTV
  • Room full of odor of alcohol and smoke, cleaning personnel cannot remove it by spray, so it can't be put into use.
  • Use a professional ozone machine for hotel KTV to remove peculiar smell.
  • Ozone machine in working, after ozone treatment, the room can be put into use on the day.
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