OSUNSHINE focuses on the production, research and development of ozone equipment in all its various applications. In the last ten years, we have successfully developed into an innovative and technological-focused oxygen generator manufacturer, supplying not only a wide range of ozone machine models but also OEM services.

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We develop an adjustable power supply for our ozone machines and ceramic ozone generators.

Our air-cooled ceramic ozone generator entered the market, receiving praise for its consistent ozone output, compact size and variety of models.

The first generation of our water-cooling ceramic tube ozone generator entered the market and we continue to improve our previous ozone equipment accessories. Fault and cooling protection is applied to ozone electric appliances, and our second generation of air-cooled ceramic ozone generators are launched.

We introduce the KTB portable ozone generator, which quickly became internationally popular in Europe and the US. We begin developing the dual-purpose stainless steel shell T ozone machine with a built-in air source and external gas source.

We release the BT portable ozone generator and receive two national and the first generation of double water enamel tube ozone generators, a PSA oxygen generator, a double water enamel tube ozone generator, which was used to treat water. A single ozone machine‘s ozone production is from 30g to 100g and has a higher production, smaller size, more stable concentration and lower failure rate.

We optimize our production facilities which reduces quality control risks in assembly and transportation.

We receive six national authorizations, one of which is for the third model of portable ozone generators, KTA. Our automatic air drying system is used in a T-ozone machine to clean air-polluted areas.

We release several new products, including the ozone generator backwater device, which prevents water from flowing backwards in the water treatment process, the high concentration ozone water machine with a concentration reaching more than 20ppm, and developed a large ozone generator with ozone production ranging from 1-20 kg.

We continue to improve existing products and optimize external structures, receiving seven national .

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