Ozone machines provide clean and clean treatments for the food industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, and aquaculture industry. The following is how different customers have used our products to their benefit.

Our ozone machines effectively eliminate odors, which is particularly useful in public places and hotel rooms.
In high traffic public places, unpleasant smells or lingering body odor are common. Place an ozone generator in the room and quickly fix the problem so your guests enjoy their stay.

Ozone machines used as a cosmetic dressing clean treatment ensures that cosmetics meet national hygiene standards before, after, and during production. Our staff train personnel on proper operation use.

A bottling facility uses our ozone machines as a mineral water clean treatment to process their water.An ozone machine with a gas-liquid mixing pump cleans bottles before filling, the filtered water, and the finished product.

This owner of a country golf club used our ozone machines as a swimming pool water treatment. A sand filtering cylinder, ozone generator with gas-liquid mixing pump, and UV reaction tank cleans the water so guests enjoy swimming.

Our water treatment for food processing centers can sanitize any area of bacteria, keeping foods fresh, safe and hygienic. These ozone machines also remove any odors caused by rotting foods.

Our oxygen generators treat water in aquaculture applications, increasing the oxygen supply and treating the water through the ozone machine's filtration , protein separator, and clean methods. This aquaculture water treatment filters out metals and algae so that fish and seafood can survive.

The problem of this project: The raw water pollution is serious because there are a large number of heavy metals and harmful bacteria, and left some untreated and abandoned pond.

OSUNSHINE PLC intelligent controlling ozone generator features an exclusive intelligent power system. Accurate quantitative ozone output makes all kinds of processes economic and practical, whether that is food processing, waste water treatment, clean, or chemical processing. The ozone generator is available with an automatic alarm system and over 20 protection functions, which ensures all-around protection during operation. Additionally, it supports effectively prevention of misoperation so as to avoid potential damages.

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