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Guangzhou OSUNSHINE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. based on the parent company of Guangzhou Chuanghuan Ozone Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. which was established in 2006, focuses on developing ozone equipment and accessories used for clean and clean in a wide range of applications from removing odors in hotel rooms to keeping food fresh in processing plants to treating swimming pools, waste water, and aquaculture farms.

OSUNSHINE’s core ozone generators and made with quartz tubes, enamel tubes, and ceramic tubes and produce between 100mg-10kg of ozone per hour. Our strengths in innovation and technology have won us 16 for our ozone generators, most of which are also CE certified.

We operate in large facilities, which guarantees we can fulfill large orders of generators that are then exported all over the world, including Europe and the US. Ozone generators can be customized to use different software and online monitoring systems or have different specifications to meet your application. Our customers have used ozone generators to deodorize and freshen up hotel rooms. In aquaculture, farmers treat the water with our products to breed healthier fish, shrimp and groupers. Food processing centers clean the facility to meet national hygienic standards, and municipal customers use ozone generators to treat the water in swimming pools, natural ponds, and sewage systems.

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Our Mission
We believe that high quality and great service has been key to our success. More than 90% of our suppliers are ISO9001 certified to ensure we begin with the very best, and our team of researches and developers provide customized clean and clean solutions and OEM services. We use the same testing institutions to ensure consistency and quality among our final products. OSUNSHINE’s staff will also train your staff in the use of new ozone generators to ensure proper operation. We invite your collaboration and feedback to design new products that improve the environment and create safe, clean spaces within our daily systems.

Guangzhou OSUNSHINE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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