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Ozone Monitor

0-200 g/m3 desktop 1% measurement accuracy ozone monitor for ozone generator concentration
The ozone monitor calculates the ozone concentration in the measuring chamber as well as the amount of ozone generated by air purifiers. The monitor checks single and double light sources, is highly accurate, and can operate continuously.

1. UV lamp: 253.7 nm which helps the monitor achieve maximum calculation.
2. UV light source: Low pressure mercury vapor lamp displays CSIM-NEW values.
3. Quality lens: We use quality quartz glass to ensure maximum transparency.
4. Wide measure range: 0-200 G/m³

UV absorption ozone monitor
Brand Ozocenter Model CH-200
Type Ozone monitor (Water proof) Measurement accuracy 1%
Resolution ratio 0.1 G/M3 Analog Output 0/4~20 mA
Power supply 220 VAC 50~60 Hz Weight 1.7 KG
Air pressure ≤2.5 bar Size H80×W160×D265mm
Range 0~200 G/ M 3